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Another great, easy to travel bunch of things to bring home. I have got to go to that store next time I am in NYC.


Oh drool, drool.....you can never have too many buttons!


oh my gosh.. once I am in the shop.. i think I wont be coming out.. hehehehehe.. buttons heaven!


Could you pinch me.... Is this heaven!!! Holy Moly! This is absolutely phenomenal My heart is beating a mile a minute!


wow,buttons,buttons everywhere!!


What sweet little treasures...


I have put this on my list of HIGH priority places to go...I have never been to NYC but now....I HAVE TO GO!! I was breathing so fast looking at all these buttons under one roof, I could hardly catch my breath!! MY. OH. MY.

Great post....I have read it now three times and looked at all the pictures again and again...I can not even believe this place.....WOW.

Have a great VTT!!

Indiana Keetha

Wow, that shop is amazing - - - as are the buttons it holds.

Hmmmmm, don't get to NYC often, but if I do, this will be on my list of places to see!!!

Brenda Kula

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that store! Buttons galore! Oh, how I love buttons. I would love to visit there someday. Heaven on earth!


How could you choose? I want to go to NYC just to go to that store!


I felt like I was right there with you. The vintage floor is so retro. What a fabulous place to visit. Overwhelming all the buttons but you made very nice selection.


OMG my head would have exploded! What a place, if Ui ever get neasr there[from the Southwes] I want directions. But I'll need an EMT along to resuscitate me,lol.


I probably would have fainted at such a sight as all these buttons on one place. I love buttons..just love them. I don't believe I would have been able to make a choice..and the little button boxes are so sweet.* sighs... Happy VTT and hope your weekend is a lovely one. xxx


Wonderful buttons! What a great store and thanks for the tip...DD is now living in Manhattan on the Upper East side so I know where I'll be visiting when I visit her! :)


wow! I'm surprised you didn't miss your plane back! I love the nursery rhyme buttons...how did you manage to make a decision with so many to choose from? The good thing is it makes my stash look tiny, which means I should carry on adding to it;)

Barbara Jean

Incredible place!!
Love the cabinets even if there were no buttons at all. =0)

Barbara Jean


Oh darn I didn't get to go there while in New York. I knew there was a reason to go back.Thanks again, what a little treasure in such a busy place.


firstly, yay, i managed to get on your blog, have soo missed you, and secondly, wow, what an amazing place!!! a friend of mine, Tamsyn, would think she was in heaven just walking through the door!!!! I love the nursery buttons, and i think you were very restrained in your purchases!!!!



I hope that you're feeling better.
Your shops and all the interesting things you have over there, just make a trip across the sea, worthwhile in oh, so many ways!!

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