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What a steal, what a treasure, it's so lovely and that is the perfect spot for it. :)


That quilt looks like it was made for that spot! Thank you so much for purchasing my little quilt and posting about it.


thats so exciting, it looks great there. I am so happy someone bought it that just loves the quilt!
Even though its simple i just loved the fabrics and thought this was the perfect little quilt to make with them to show the fabrics off.
Thank you for purchasing the quilt and supporting AAQI, for me it was a way to use my hobby to support a great cause.

Robyns Nest

What a sweet little quilt, I see you'requilts & sewing stuff is slowly creeping inot the study/office !!!! I'd love to see a photo of your mini quilts on the wall (if you've had time to hang all of your recent finishes)


What a fabulous and very special quilt!! A lovely treasure, and gone to a great, loving home.


Wow! You were really meant to have this quilt, or it was determined to come and live with you on the other side of the world LOL!!!! How lovely and a great photo too!!!! It looks great on your little drawer cabinet!! I have one of those too, and it is by far one of my favourite pieces of sewing furniture!!!!

Janet O.

That is a perfect place for it. I purchased one of their collaborative quilts last year. They are treasures.

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