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Donna Keating

So glad the innferno missed you. Texas often has wildfires during our dry summers.

Jenny M

How scary! Good to hear all is well. A friend of mine that use to live in a bushy area, had a list prepared for just such an emergency. She had a room by room list of the 'important' items, such as special photos, quilts, and a which documents such as passports and prescriptions/medications to take. That way when she and her family were in fact told to leave their home, the 'lists' gave her something solid to work on.


so glad that you are all safe! It was a pretty scary few days, those temperatures were horrible!

Lou Lott

I can feel the emotion in your post and remember packing in 2009 when Black Saturday fires were upon us. So glad you and your family are okay. I hope that will be the only scare you have for this fire season and many more to come.


I'm relieved to hear it too! I cannot even imagine!


How terrifying. I was thinking of you -such a terrible quandary. So glad you're all safe xo

Carol G

Oh my goodness, Marian. Thank God you are safe! What a scarey experience!!! xoxoxoxo!
Carol in Mid-Mich


How terrifying this had to be. So glad that you are safe. I can not even imagine having to do this. So glad you are safe and you can be back to a little normal.

Stay safe.

sueB in Virginia

Ann in PA

What a horrifying situation. I'm so glad that you are safe and back to sewing, aka normal. (((hugs)))

Helen F

Oh Marian my heart was in my throat the whole time that fire was going - I felt sick when I read there was a fire in your area on the CFA incident site. I new Andy would have everything organised but we all know how unpredictable our raging bushfires can be!!! I kept checking the status of the fire!!! How calm you were deciding what to take and what little sewing treasures to leave - you are amazing!!!! I am sooo glad everything turned out fine!!!!! x


What an ordeal for you and the rest of the community! We were watching TV with our hearts in our mouths....after having friends very nearly lost their houses in the Blue Mountains fires a few months ago.

VERY glad you are safe and that your home was not damaged or destroyed.
Kirsten :)

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